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I Ride Mine

I ride mine, for a motorcycle's Meant to ride, you see; Not hauled around by trailer, I keep rubber on the street. I ride mine when I go to work, And home again each day; Or just to twist the throttle hard, And blow my cares away. I ride mine through cold winter winds, And showers of the spring; Baking in the summer sun 'Til autumn's cool refrain. I ride mine through the glare of day, And darkness of the night; Sole form of conveyance, never Caged, or bound in flight. I ride mine in the cities, 'round The counties, o'r the states; Cruise across the country, Tour wherever asphalt takes. I ride my for the friendship of My brothers in the wind; Trusting they will have my back, On me they can depend. I ride mine for the freedom found In open, empty roads; Pure exhilaration with each Turn as curve unfolds. My life is in the saddle 'til I meet my mortal end; Then through the gates of Heaven or Hell I ride mine once again. -- IronBoltBruce


Edgar Allen Poe, Oh-Poe is established as foundational in American literature, as a classic of the New Voice that has hallmarked the reverberative roar of American artistic influence, but his legacy is one that is gravely compressed: most textbooks will feature a work of prose and a poem--usually "The Raven"--and texts for the lower levels will also feature illustrations that are as lurid as 1950s science fiction cinema posters. Instructional editions for secondary education put more emphasis on an unfortunately short life than they do on brief comments reducing Poe's work to that of America's brief Gothic tradition. Although Poe still appears in classrooms, his is a legacy that is now a cliché of corvids and black lipstick, an autumn lesson that is augmented by store displays for [...]

Honda CB 350

Honda CB350 twin 1972 Gold

The Honda CB350 is a 325.6 cubic centimetres (19.87 cu in) OHC parallel twin cylinder, four-stroke motorcycle produced by Honda for model years 1968 through 1973. With its reliable motor and dual Keihin carburetors, it became one of Honda's best-selling models. More than 250,000 were sold in five years, with 67,180 sold in 1972 alone. The CB350 evolved during its production run with cosmetic changes and improvements to the suspension and brakes.

 Honda CB350 Specs

Honda CB 750

Honda CB750 four

In 1969, throngs of motorcyclists clamored to see and ride Honda’s newest creation: the four-cylinder, single overhead cam Honda CB750 Four. It was unlike anything Honda had produced for the public, and frightfully similar to their race bikes, with the first mass-production in-line four-cylinder engine. It was the first Superbike, and more than 35 years later it makes for a great classic ride. Today, motorcyclists and collectors alike are snatching up original and restored early-production Honda CB750 motorcycles due to their limited numbers and their place in history, pushing sale and auction prices for these classic motorcycles sky-high.

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Honda CB 1100

Honda CB1100 four

There’s no arguing that Honda has succeeded in producing what it set out to do. The CB11 is a beautiful recreation of an aircooled inline four; it’s easy to handle and novice friendly and it has fantastic detailing inspired by bikes of old. It’s a beautiful ornament and I can see many style or classic-conscious buyers who maybe want something bigger, slicker or different than a Bonnie or Harley being very happy with a CB. But I don’t quite buy this ‘recreating character of old’ bit. Don’t get me wrong: Honda has done a fantastic job with the CB1100. But don’t think that means, aesthetics aside, it’s a machine bristling with character. It isn’t.

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Snille ord

Jeg tror den viktigste livsoppgaven vi alle har fått, er å bli det beste av oss selv – uansett hvor vanskelig livet kan være.

Harald V